This is a side blog. I am a fiddler crab.
  • outfits, a turnaround sheet 4 class, and a quick try doing a SU sky

  • A study from an old artist- I can’t recall who, grayscale study from my fashion tag, a study from Sargent

  • icon for the twitter I don’t use, and various doodles 

  • Rosemaster from Cucumber Quest

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    #cucumber quest
  • tileable pixel sky background I made for my main bloggie. feel free to use it  

    imageimageimageimage and those guys too

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  • amethyst from early 2014

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    #you can tell its from early 2014
    #steven universe
  • early 2014 sketchbook, enjoy the free perspective notes

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  • some character silhouette trash 4 class

  • I’d like these two to be in a ~future animation~

  • not sure when I made this

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